International Sales and the environment
Nature and environmental protection are key words for International Sales nv, as we want to contribute with a strong policy to the preservation of nature and the environment. With this policy, we focus on ‘green’ products such as Memoready rechargeable batteries and Memostar Energy saving – and LED lamps.

Memoready Rechargeable NiMH batteries.
We can state that Memoready Rechargeable batteries NiMH (nickel-metal- hydride) or accus or cells, will affect a lot less the environment than disposable batteries such as alkaline batteries or zinc carbon batteries. On a yearly base, the Belgian population consumes about 100 million batteries. The large part of this are still batteries of a primary ‘disposable’ type. Read more!

Memostar energy saving and LED lamps
The word ‘energy saving lamp’ indicates the saving of energy and as a consequence a  lower electricity bill. That bill can decrease for more than 80% yearly. Consumers not only save money, they also contribute to the well being of the environment by consuming less electricity. Read more!

Batteries and lamps are inevitably attached to our life style. International Sales nv likes to help you choosing the cheapest, most efficient and most environmentally friendly products. It is a clear choice to mention ‘SAVE NATURE’ on the packaging of our Memoready rechargeable batteries and Memostar Energy saving lamps.